Git Commands

Git Commands :

To know the status of the GIT
git status

To know the difference of the GIT
git diff <filename>

To add file to commit
– git add <filename>

To create local shelveset
git commit – m “message”

To push on git server
git push origin <branchname>

To check the branch
git branch

To change the branch
git checkout <branchName1>

To merge branchName1 into branchName2
git merge <branchName2>

To check system specific change : [ shelveset ]
git stash

abc.txt —

abc.txt — d

git stash

git pull origin <branch-name>

git stash apply

git reset HEAD

git status

git diff abc.txt


CSS Hack for IE

CSS help for IE

IE 7
html > body #ie7
*display: block;
IE 6
body #ie6
_display: block;


CSS extensions do not matter to attach or import the CSS file in HTML

I was making a R&D for the attaching the CSS file to HTML document
I found that there is no need to add specific extension (.css) to to the CSS file
But you have to must declare type of document and relations between your file and HTML document

For example:

<link href=”stylesheet.satish” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

Instead of

<link href=”stylesheet.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

Try this


margin bottom not working?

I was scripting div with margin bottom 10px for holding h3 & h3 has margin bottom of 10px but that is not getting display in IE & Mozilla

I make R&D lot finally found that my outer div also have margin botton
conclusion: margiin bottom is not work withim margin bottom