Internet Explorer

Explorer 6 Duplicate Characters Bug

Complex layouts can trigger a bug where the last few characters of a floated element can appear on the cleared element below. There are several solutions; few are ideal and a little trial and error will be required:

* ensure all floated elements use display:inline;
* use a margin-right:-3px; on the last floated element
* use a conditional comment as the last item in the floated element, i.e. <!–[if !IE]>Put your commentary in here…<![endif]–>
* use an empty div in the last element of the container (it can also be necessary to set the width to 90% or similar)

Explorer 6 Duplicate Characters Bug  this is common problem which every designer face

there are some reason because of which it occurs

  • in your code there is an extra comments (HTML comments  to guide code for)
  • your floating is not clear by CSS

you can avoid this by

  • clearing your all divs by CSS
  • remove extra comments from code
  • put 2-3 divs around affected divs

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